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Demolition isn’t something you must do alone. It is more than what you can picture you can do. It is too intricate or complicated for someone like you. That is why you must leave everything to a reliable demolition contractor like Cortes Demolition & Restoration. Our company has been too focused on delivering world-class services. Our team goes the extra mile to meet our client’s needs and demands. So you can lean on us to give you what you want. Now, if you’re in Bensenville, IL, call our team today!

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Our Services

House Demolition

House Demolition

Demolishing your home isn't something you must do alone. It is too complicated. So you better work with us. We are one of the top residential demolition contractors that offer world-class demolition services that can help you address everything you need. We are also prompt and efficient. So you can rest assured we are the right one for you. Call us when you need our service.
Commercial Demolition

Commercial Demolition

Since commercial buildings are too huge for you, handling commercial demolition isn't something you must do alone. If you do, you might set yourself in trouble. That is why you better call a reliable demolition service provider like us. We know what to use and do to produce world-class results. So what are you waiting for? Turn to our team today!
Pool Removal

Pool Removal

Do you wish to remove your pool? Since it is a huge undertaking, hiring our team can help you a lot. We offer world-class complete demolition services that suit well with your needs. We can help you remove pools without causing trouble. So what are you waiting for? Let our team help you.
Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing is an exhausting task to do. Handling it alone might not do anything good because you have no idea how to handle things like this. That is why you better and should leave everything to our team. We know what to use and do to produce spectacular results. If you need anything, we are the right one you must consider.
Storm Drain Installation

Storm Drain Installation

Do you wish to be safe in times of storm or typhoon? Installing drains can help you. But it isn't something you must do alone. So you must ask for help from professionals and masters like our team. We know what to do and how to make things possible. So what are you waiting for? Turn to our team today!

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Cortes Demolition & Restoration
Bensenville, IL 60106
Phone: (464) 210-2308

Customers Speak


Jul 25, 2023
Impressive and Breathtaking Results!

I never thought this demolition contractor could help me remove and restore everything I wanted. They are literally impressive and provided me with breathtaking results. So if I were to ask if I'll hire this company again, I would say yes. Thank you, and kudos to everyone involved in the project!

Other Services We Deliver

We have other services that you might need for your future endeavors. They are namely water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage, sewage and blackwater restoration, mold remediation and removal, and post-construction cleaning services. If you need help or want to hire any of these, call our team today!

Why Is It Ideal to Work With Us?

Yes. Working with us is a perfect decision. Why? That is because we are prompt and experienced in the field. That means we know every single detail of how to handle the demolition. With that, we can guarantee to give you what you need. So what are you waiting for? Hire our team now!

How Do We Work?

We work passionately to ensure we can deliver everything our clients want. We are committed and dedicated to exceeding our client’s satisfaction. So you can guarantee that we can make things possible. If you like to work with us, call our team now!

We Are Happy to Serve Other Areas

Our team is happy to help. That is why we expanded our company and extended our services. Here are the areas we also served:

  • Northlake, IL
  • Bellwood Village, IL
  • Franklin Park Village, IL
  • Westchester Village, IL
  • Norridge Village, IL
  • Villa Park, IL
  • Schiller Park, ILĀ 

Cortes Demolition & Restoration is the name you can rely on when you need a remarkable demolition company in Bensenville, IL. For inquiries and bookings, call our team at (464) 210-2308 today!

  • House Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Pool Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Storm Drain Installation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Sewage and Blackwater Restoration
  • Mold Remediation and Removal
  • Post-construction Cleaning